Stephen King: Song od Susannah

how did anyone know they weren’t a character in some writer’s story, or a transient thought in some bus-riding schmoe’s head, or a momentary mote in God’s eye?
Eddie Dean

Stephen King: Wolves of the Calla

„No one ever does live happily ever after, but we leave the children to find that out for themselves.”

Bernard Cornwell: Agincourt

"We’re God’s army, and we’re going to gut those devil-spawned bastards!”
Lord John

Bernard Cornwell: The Last Kingdom

"The gods reward us if we give them respect, but the Christian god doesn't help his people, does he? They weep rivers of tears for him, they pray to him, they give him their silver, & we come along & slaughter them! Their god is pathetic."

Wilbur Smith: River God

"Farewell, old friend,' I said. 'I am richer for having known you. Wait for us on the other side."

"I looked up at the night stars. They were cold and very far away. Like the gods, they did not care. There was no profit in appealing to them, gods or stars."

Arthur C. Clarke: Childhood's End

"It is a bitter thought, but you must face it. The planets you may one day possess. But the stars are not for man."

30 monedas

"La mente crea la realidad, no al revé."
Padre Vergara

Anthony Ryan: The Wolf’s call

"Their true power lies in the illusions they spin to capture the souls of our people, and all illusions fade over time."

Britannia S02E10

"All of the chosen suffer.
Their pain is the gods' joy.
Their tears, the gods' laughter..."

Britannia S02E08

 "When the gods choose us, that's a dark day."

Jimmy Webb: The Highwayman

 "...or I may simply be a single drop of rain,
but I will remain and I'll be back again"

Romeo a Júlie - muzikál

"Co čeká nás
za tou veľkou tmou
zda žár či mráz
nás tam obejmou?"

Mr. Robot

"Time to grow up. There are no gods. Our closest deities are a society of the richest, most influential men in existence. Men who fuck over the rest of us for profit, for fun, and then leave us in the streets for dead."
Mr. Robot

Dire Straits - Brothers in arms

"There's so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones"

Friedrich Nietzche: Mimo dobra a zla

 "Neexistujú morálne fenomény, iba morálny výklad fenoménov."

Fringe - seriál

"There’s no such thing as divine intervention."
Walter Bishop


"Napumpujte do naší skomírající ekonomiky peníze, které nemáte!"
Líza Simpsonová

Les Miserables - muzikál

"But there are dreams that cannot be,
And there are storms we cannot weather"

Stephen King: Pištoľník

"Perhaps you saw what place our universe plays in the scheme of things--as no more than an atom in a blade of grass. Could it be that everything we can perceive, from the microscopic virus to the distant Horsehead Nebula, is contained in one blade of grass that may have existed for only a single season in an alien time-flow? What if that blade should be cut off by a scythe?"
Walter Padick - Muž v čiernom

Roxette: Almost Unreal

"It's a crazy world out there
Let's hope our prayers are in good hands tonight"